discovering the heart of Oman

Salut Museum



  • The Land of Sindbad the Sailor
    This temporary exhibition is the web-version of the exhibit held in Pisa in 2012.
    Aim of the exposition is to make the culture and the nature of Oman known to the general public, through an ideal trip in its long history. Different paths will conduct the visitors to discover different characteristics of the country, drawing connections between this distant, exotic land and more familiar things.
    It is known, for example, that copper was an important material used in the fusion of bronze from the 4th mill. BC, but few are aware that the land of Oman was the principle source of copper in this period. Most of us are familiar with the incense but very few know of the tree that produces this precious resin, and the fact that the highest quality of incense has always and still does come from the southern region of Oman.
    While we all know that Marco Polo travelled to China, few realize that his ship passed along the coast of Dhofar and that he described the port and the city of Al Baleed in Il Milione. The last section of the exhibition is the description of how the ancient land of Sindbad looks like today.