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The Renaissance of a country

Muscat, the Royal Opera House (Courtesy of the Office of the Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural Affairs)

The Omani Renaissance
On the 23rd of July 1970 H.M. Sultan Qabus bin Said succeeded to the throne of Oman and inaugurated a new era that brought Oman from the ashes of history. H.M Sultan Qabus managed to restore confidence, dignity and self-respect for all Omanis. His government began 5 years development plans providing services for all the people all over Oman and built a civil service that can manage the task.
Extensive infrastructures were built, such as roads, hospitals, schools, universities, ports and airports, as well as a telecommunications system connecting Oman’s cities, towns and villages with the rest of the world.
The Omani monarch is set to continue leading his nation to ever broader horizons.